Impressionz is a tool that saves you time in analyzing your content using the crucial information from Google Search Console, namely, querries, impressions, and clicks. It reads your content to detect if these crucial factors have been properly implemented inside your existing content.
It doesn’t. Instead of randomly generating related keywords using your suggestions, observe how your content behaves in Google and improve on it. Use the actual data Google Search Console provides instead of guessing.
Other content tools compare your content with competitors or use your central keyword to analyze the SERP. These tools rely on the assumption they know how Google observes and correlates these competitive pieces of content. Instead of assuming and guessing, observe what Google Search Console shows for the queries you are receiving impressions for and integrate them into your content to get more impressions and clicks.
You can get a 100% refund within 7 days of purchase if you decide to cancel your subscription. Everything after the 7-day period will not be refunded.
It depends on how big your website is. It can last from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. You can observe the status of the crawl inside the plugin’s dashboard.
This option is available inside the plugin’s dashboard. Visit the settings section of the plugin and follow the steps.
This option is available inside the plugin’s dashboard. Determine the minimum impression of the queries you see fit to include inside your content and recrawl the website (Save Changes).
It shows you the pages that compete for the same impressions and clicks from Google Search Console.
Impressionz is made for content specialists, SEO specialists, copywriters, agencies, affiliate marketers, freelancers, and anyone who is familiar with how Google processes queries your website shows impressions for and how to integrate them into the content without over-spamming it.

Like any other content, your copy needs to be well-written and not over-spammed with keywords. Use the suggestions sensibly and integrate them into the text depending on the importance of queries i.e. keywords you want to rank for. Don’t over-optimize. Quite often you can join toghether 2 kewords into one instead of including them separately. 

Impressionz is a WordPress plugin. So, you need a website that has WordPress installed.
Yes, at any time. Just choose the license type and upgrade.

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