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Impressionz is an on-page WordPress plugin that helps you better optimize your content. It uses the most valuable data – queries, impressions, and clicks from Google Search Console. It reads and analyzes your page to provide you with information about the usage of keywords inside your content. Get the information you need to rank straight from Google inside your WP

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How Does It Work?

The content optimization feature allows you to easily and systematically update your content with LSI keywords. The plugin crawls and analyzes the content and you can view the usage of keywords you are getting impressions for inside every individual post or page.
The cannibalization feature allows you to see which pages and posts receive the same impressions i.e. compete for the same keywords.


Content Relevancy

Using data from Google Search Console, you can increase the relevancy of your content by utilizing the data users use to find your content.

More Compatible LSI

Instead of using random LSI generators, use the information on the queries Google gives you. Impressionz offers you a superior and painless solution to finding the right LSI keywords and implementing them into your content.

Improved Rank

By optimizing your text with the right keywords you haven't even considered in the content and H tags, Google will see your content as more relevant to the queries and improve your rank.


Find pages that compete for the same keywords using data from Google Search Console and remedy cannibalization.

Increase Your Visibility
and Content Relevancy

As reported by Search Engine Land, you need to systematically upgrade your content according to what types of search queries generate impressions and clicks. Impressionz makes this easy for you by pulling all the data right next to your content so you can optimize it efficiently, effortlessly and fast!

Who Uses Our SEO Content Plugin?

Content Specialists

Now you can upgrade the content you are working on swiftly and understand how users search for your content better. Evolve from content specialist to a content master!

SEO Specialists

Improve your on-page SEO game by tackling what your pages and posts lack in the content. Skip the lengthy analysis of your pages inside Google Search Console and move it to your dashboard.


Understand how using the right words inside the blogs you wrote influence their optimization and re-create better content that will rank higher.


Provide your SEO teams with the right tool to facilitate content optimization that they can use to get that competitive edge the current content strategy is missing.

Affiliate Marketers

Top 10, 20 or 50 articles and buying guides tend to attract a lot of impressions. If you’re noticing the impressions but not clicks, then your content needs adjusting. Learn what’s missing fast and implement it on the spot.


In the world of freelancing, you need to provide your clients with results faster so they don’t move one to the next one. Get the competitive advantage in the content optimization you need.

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Single Licence

$ 47
  • All The Features:
  • Real-Time Keyword Suggestions
  • Cannibalization Check

3 Website Licence

$ 127
  • All The Features:
  • Real-Time Keyword Suggestions
  • Cannibalization Check

10 Website Licence

$ 297
  • All The Features:
  • Real-Time Keyword Suggestions
  • Cannibalization Check


It doesn’t. Instead of randomly generating related keywords using your suggestions, observe how your content behaves in Google and improve on it. Use the actual data Google Search Console provides instead of guessing.

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